The Year-Round Graduate – Did You Forget Them?

Or.. are there more than one?  Graduates are of course, a main target of consumers.  There are many age groups of graduates. Not all of them graduate in early summer….

So… it’s time to give them credit where it’s due.  They have made accomplishments – whoever they are – and…. because of this they are given an award of excellence.  This allows you and I to grant them something special… a gift, or token, to help them value their achievement.  Every gift isn’t the answer.  You must choose one that shows the value of their award.  Sometimes their wanting something, and you being aware of that something – – is the answer for your own gift choice.  Of course you wouldn’t want to give them something of little consequence – but instead allow it to show value years from now.  That is a true gift of acknowledgement.  A special book? a globe?, a charm on a necklace or bracelet? a watch? or even a trip – – courtesy of “YOU”.  Just remember, they will also be aware you remembered them.  Let them know you are aware they achieved their goal, and your special gift will allow them to remember you are in their life, and you hold them as special and will continue to help them pass this on with those they make new relationships with.  Again… it’s a special time – deserving of praise.

Congratulations Graduate – Wherever You Are!   (on and offline!!)

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