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Helping Your Sick Puppy

mommy-please-help-sparky-fntToo many people live with not knowing what to do for their pets (whether puppy, dog, cat, bird, fish, etc.) – – This is important to know.  You need to be versed on how to keep your pets healthy.  It’s not easy.  You don’t just already know everything, or do you feel you do?

Keep your sick pet well by regular scheduled trips to the vet, yearly.  This will ease your mind tremendously.  However, many cannot afford vet trips anymore, and it makes it harder for them to cope with pet illness.  Maybe this is your situation.  Our main-target of consumer interest leads us to this concern.  Whatever state, land, “home”, you call your own, with a pet to care for, YOU need to know essentials of how to keep your pet healthy.

You can read many articles and feed them so  many “healthy foods” .. and good for you!  It shows you care.  But serious issues creep up on sick puppies, that many find themselves losing at the cost of their precious puppy “dying”.  (or it can be older canines as well).  Your search should be googled in for parvovirus.  This is deadly.  Many lose puppies due to parvo.  So PLEASE fortify your medicine cabinet with appropriate remedies to combat this illness if you suddenly see signs of no energy, and vomiting in your sweet puppy, that you dearly love.  We do not realize how serious lives affect us, until dealing with a puppy that dwindles right before our eyes.  Anger arises, from sheer desperate attempts to keep them alive, and then suddenly .. it’s too late. Children are really hurt, as much as adults, because of a loss that quickly came and went …

Vets are ones we all turn to in time of need, and for yearly exams on pets .. but did you know there are vets that care so much for pets, they do not stop at just “medicine treatment”, but are open minded and have accepted workable remedies such as “herbs” to help pets.  This is progress, for today it’s the norm to only accept “medicine”, yet many medicines even have drawbacks, and may cause other harmful affects.  Even in the cases of parvo, there have been proven assistance from the usage of herbs (along with hydration methods), that have literally pulled a dying puppy from it’s deadly hopeless stage, and with love and proper recommended attention, many a canine has survived and enjoy a new day of life with a much relieved family environment.  Like most things worthwhile, proper steps (involving “learning” life saving techniques), need to be taken, following through for more than a day, even weeks, to safely see this happy transformation.  It also helps us prove how the body (even our pets), is a wonderful creation that CAN heal, if given proper attention.  Never give up.  Vets would be out of a job, if we gave up, right?  But moreso, we respect life, and value all it’s attributes, whether cell renewal benefits, or allowing a loving spirit to contribute in the healing process.

Look into this concern and fortify your home with the needed essentials.  Learn by video explanation, as to how to administer life-saving remedies.  Remain as calm as possible so you do not further upset the environment of needed healing.  And if children are involved, help them understand what is going on, as clearly as possible.  Cleanliness is so important before, during and after.  Virus remedies depend on our efforts in keeping the environment clean, and in most cases, your home will be virus free by keeping utensils, doorknobs, clothing, bedding, floors, and eating tables – clean.  If parvo is remedied, and puppy thriving, then you will have to be so careful so no relapse occurs (as the puppy is still in delicate condition).  Please be moved to entertain the links given, that have helped many puppies survive, and stay on the road to health.  Lives can never be replaced, so do all you can in treasuring the lives around us, no matter at home, or elsewhere.  If you see a dangerous situation, maybe you can remind others where they may find needed guidance and be among the survivors  of healing, nurturing, and love.  Respectfully, Main-Targets.

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Diamonds n Diamonds

If you are friends of the elite, no doubt you have an interest in the BEST of carats (not carrots!).   If you value the Amazon marketplace, then here is another reason you need to be informed of what there is for YOU also!   To know there is variety, and color, as well as quality of taste  (and eye clean masterpieces) – then it’s high time you use what is easily accessible, and right up your alley (so to speak!).

DiamondsnDiamonds has so much to share and quick access for the ELITE, who value the best of jewels and what it all entails.  Beautiful pieces that glitter and create glares from across the room!  Not to mention the women herself, who “might create a traffic accident” by staring at it too often while driving!  The beauty is that great!  Flawless diamonds are shared and engagement rings, (as well as wedding rings and ensembles), are set before you to compare and find the right one “waiting just for you”!diamondsndiamonds-sm-logo2



Why not take a peek at a few breathtaking pieces ..then visit yourself!  Do them a favor, as we are, and share it, will you?  Thank you for allowing us this privilege to open your eyes, and possibly deepen your own appreciation for the Finer things in Life – for the Truly ELITE!◊


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Main Targets – share the interest

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Keep Pets and Home Safe – Start Today

Can You Get Rid of Pests Now? ….  This is a worldwide topic.  Let it work for you : It CAN rid you of pests you do not want!  Click below!

Pet and Home Spray - Kills and Repels Safely

 Think Natural – Natural – Natural !  It keeps everyone, pets, and home SAFE!

If you ever had your own pet in danger of losing it’s life, and even Family members – This is A Must Have.  Are You Killing Your Family?

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Pet Care

Pet Supplies, Herbs, Pet Care


Let Us Help.

Please Join: in viewing this invitation to see ways to love and care for your pets. Many are being neglected daily, yet it is our obligation as pet owners, to respect and care for them. Please join us and the millions of pet owners worldwide, in a love and care practice – a joint effort to put priorities where they need to be in our homes. Pet care is of utmost importance. Do You Need Help To Care For Your Pet? Would You Like One Site Online That Can Help You With Your Pet’s Concerns? Whether It’s Supplies, Herbs, Ailments, or Information, .. We Can Help You.

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Pet Supplies, Herbs, Pet Care –

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We Do Care About Your Pets

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The Year-Round Graduate – Did You Forget Them?

Or.. are there more than one?  Graduates are of course, a main target of consumers.  There are many age groups of graduates. Not all of them graduate in early summer….

So… it’s time to give them credit where it’s due.  They have made accomplishments – whoever they are – and…. because of this they are given an award of excellence.  This allows you and I to grant them something special… a gift, or token, to help them value their achievement.  Every gift isn’t the answer.  You must choose one that shows the value of their award.  Sometimes their wanting something, and you being aware of that something – – is the answer for your own gift choice.  Of course you wouldn’t want to give them something of little consequence – but instead allow it to show value years from now.  That is a true gift of acknowledgement.  A special book? a globe?, a charm on a necklace or bracelet? a watch? or even a trip – – courtesy of “YOU”.  Just remember, they will also be aware you remembered them.  Let them know you are aware they achieved their goal, and your special gift will allow them to remember you are in their life, and you hold them as special and will continue to help them pass this on with those they make new relationships with.  Again… it’s a special time – deserving of praise.

Congratulations Graduate – Wherever You Are!   (on and offline!!)

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Acai Berry still true winner… see why

It keeps you healthy and delivers many benefits.  Healthy Acai – enjoy

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Information great interest worldwide. See why.

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Another Main Target – Acai Berry

Pure Acai Berry Max

Yes, believe it or not  – the Acai Berry is a Main Target of Consumers.  It is going headstrong even as we speak.  It is a potent berry that has many benefits for humans – – giving us vitamins and minerals unlike the rest.  It also has a balancing effect – that is why it is a main target on a well thought out diet plan.   Let’s read the gist of what one specific Pure Acai Berry Max is known for, ready?

Bowl of Acai BerriesDescription: Acai Berry has long been marketed as a dietary supplement and is known for its antioxidant properties – a super fruit that can turbo charge your weight loss efforts.

Pure Acai Berry Max is unlike any other Acai Berry product on the market, offering 1500mg of high grade Acai Berry per serving, making it the highest yield Acai Berry product on the market today.

With a 6 month guarantee and containing all natural ingredients, PureAcaiBerryMax is set to become the most popular Acai Berry product on the market.

Target Audience: Male & Female surfers looking to lose weight.

Pure Acai Berry Max do NOT ship to:

Iceland, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Falkland Islands, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela, Norway, Ghana, Afghanistan, Japan, Mexico, Egypt, South Africa.

This has the highest ORAC content, is certified ORGANIC, is quality assured AND produced in CGMP facilities. (Manufactured in facilities that pass inspection by the appropriate regulators) Which means you CAN’T BUY HIGHER QUALITY.



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